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What is Divorce Mediation?

WHY MEDIATION FOR MY DIVORCE? Anyone who is involved in a divorce should consider mediation as an option. Mediation can work for almost all couples and has a long list of benefits.

•Mediation is much less expensive than a court trial or a series of hearings.

•Most mediations end in a settlement of all of the issues in your divorce.

•Mediation is confidential, with no public record of what goes on in your sessions.

•Mediation allows you to arrive at a resolution based on your own ideas of what is fair in your situation, rather than having a solution imposed upon you based on rigid and impersonal legal principles.

•You can still have a lawyer give you legal advice if you wish.

•You and your spouse -- not the court -- can control the process.

•The mediation process can improve communication between you and your spouse, helping you avoid future conflicts.


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