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What Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

            Divorce Mediation definitely will cost you less than divorce litigation in which you and your spouse will hire two attorneys who will often charge anywhere between $3000 and $5000 each.  While every case is different depending on the complexity of the issues and the time necessary to meet with the parties and draft divorce documents.  We meet with you and your spouse at an initial consultation.  At this consultation, we charge you each a flat fee of $125 per person.  At this meeting, we are better able to assess the costs of the mediation and whether you and your spouse are a candidate for mediation.  The amount you pay for the first session will be deducted from the ultimate retainer requested.  

           We do offer a flat fee divorce mediation to couples who meet certain perimeters.  We ask that you inquire as to the Flat Fee program if you are interested in learning more about this.  Please note the flat fee cases typically involve no more than 3 hours of face to face time with your mediator and the drafting of the Divorce Agreement and all supported pleadings to be filed in the Court by our office. 

      Contact us today to schedule your consultation to move forward with your divorce. We look forward to helping you .  Call us at 508-991-2201 or email us at

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